The Community Cancer Center (CCC) is a private, charitable, non-profit, community-owned and operated cancer treatment facility.  The Community Cancer Center is unique.  We have no governmental, political, or religious affiliations, and we are completely independent of any other hospital or medical organization. We operate without the assistance of tax dollars, sustaining our operations primarily through reimbursements for medical services and donations.  This independence allows the Center the freedom to operate solely for the benefit of our community, without regard to outside influences.
The Community Cancer Center is governed by a voluntary, 30-member Board of Trustees. Administrative duties are performed by the Executive Director who oversees a staff of 22 full and part-time employees.  Physician services are provided by 2 independently contracted radiation oncologists.  We offer assistance with the purchase of pharmaceuticals for those who are unable to afford needed medicines.  We also offer patients nutritional and psychosocial counseling, at no charge, should they happen to need those services. A van, owned and operated by the center, and utilizing a cadre of volunteer drivers, offers transportation for those unable to drive to the center to receive treatment.
“To give hope, when life is challenged by cancer and to care for all who need it in Douglas County.”   - Bruce Hanna, Past President, Community Cancer Foundation 
One of our primary concerns is to ensure that patients receiving cancer therapy have minimal disruption of their everyday lives.  This is accomplished by offering the highest quality care, close to home, in an environment that is professional, friendly, responsive and easily accessed.  These patients are our family members; our neighbors, co-workers and friends.  We care about them and want to ensure that they receive the best treatment possible.  We never turn anyone away because they lack the ability to pay for the life saving treatment they need or have insufficient insurance coverage. 
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